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BioPhysik - human being in its entirety

To live in an environment with sources of irritation could have a substantial adverse effect on the quality of life and often lead to diseases.


It is our aim to analyse your living environment for biophysical factors of influence, to detect and evaluate them. Reliable detection and to prevent the risks is essential here. A sound sleeping and working area is of particular importance, because this are the places we spent a long period of time, thus making it possible to be overload in the annual average by exposure.


Discover natural healing methods and evolve a well healthy and balanced environmental awareness.

Measurement systems and additional probes for biophysical and geobiological measuring

  • Radioactivity
  • Electro smog
  • geological disturbances and anomalies of the earth's magnetic field (geographic faults or underground watercourse)

BPT 2010 + Accessories in a plastic caseWith our measurement systems negative influencing factors can be reliably measured, evaluated and documented. The classic magnetometer, the Geo-Magnetometer BPT 2010, detects earth rays without any problems and delivers precise values in physical measurement units.


After locating and professional evaluation you can take specific measures against these sources of irritation to reduce or avoid them.




We provide you with comprehensive advice and support on all subjects.

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