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Geo-Scanner BPT 3010

The Geo-Scanner BPT 3010, a basic computer as professional measurement equipment in modular design, measures the anomalies of the earth's magnetic field and supports locating biological relevant site factors. For this the vertical intensity of the earth's magnetic field is measured.

Geo-Scanner BPT 3010 








For professional use the alternative to the Geo-Magnetometer BPT 2010.



  • good price / performance ratio
  • universal use because of different kind of probes
  • modular extentable – according to your requirements
  • simple handling for precise measurements
  • automatic selection of the measuring range
  • integrated data memory
  • display of measured values
  • possibility of switching on an acoustic signal
  • setting of probe specific measuring parameters
  • output of all measurement results as graphic

Technical data

Measuring range: Radioactivity, magnetic field, electrostatical field

Measuring range selection: Automatic switching

Resolution: > 5 μT

Accuracy: +/- 5%

Temperature range: -5 °C to +40°c

Temperature drift: +/- 1°C

Measuring probe: Automatic identification Display: LC-Display 4 lines of 20 characters each

Sound signal: Internal disengageable

Data memory: Internal 64 kB

PC interface: Serial data transfer (data package containing measuring range,polarity, START/STOP signal)

Power supply: Accu powered or AC powered via charger unit

Charger: Output approx. 12V, approx. 500 mA, DC voltage polarity of the coaxial connector outside (+), inside (-)

Continuously the charging process of the accumulator is checked internal by a microprocessor.

Dimensions: Measuring device (WxLxH) 170x190x50 mm

Weight: Display unit 1,8 kg

Download PDF fileDownload data sheet - Geo-Scanner BPT 3010


Protection Rating

The measuring device is moisture-protected and can be used in light rain. The housing is not waterproof, no guarantee is given for working under the effect of heavy rain/water.



The Geo-Scanner BPT 3010 is supplied with the following equipment:

Geo-Scanner BPT 3010, consisting of

- Magnetic Probe 1-axis

- Charging Unit/Power Supply Unit (12 V/500 mA/coaxial connector, outside (+))

- RS Data Cable (to connect the Geo-Magnetometer to your PC)

Manual 2 languages (D/E) on CD-ROM



The Geo-Scanner BPT 3010 with its measuring- and analysis segments can be equipped with many different probes.


Offering the following measurement options:

Magnetic fields - one-dimensional: Basic version (1-axis)

Magnetic fields - three-dimensional: Geo-Magnetometer Probe (3-axis)

Radioactivity - Nuclide-Spectroscopy 3“-NaJ-crystal: Scintillation Counter

Radioactivity - utilisation factor μ/Svh: R-Check*

electric smog - electrostatic fields: Field Mill

* Performing a similar function to the Geiger-Müller counter


The Geo-Scanner BPT 3010 identifies immediately which probe has been connected. For any type of probe connected to the Geo-Scanner BPT 3010 automatically will start the relevant measuring procedure. To save the measured values there is a large data storage capacity - up to 50 complete measuring sequences can be saved. The recorded measuring data can be saved in the internal data memory, documented directly via an external printer (LPT port) or transferred to the computer in order to create the needed documentation.



The following accessories are supplied for the Geo-Scanner BPT 3010:

AccessoriesMagnetic Probe 1-axis - to measure the earth magnetic field in 1 direction (vertical)

Geo-Magnetometer Probe 3-axis - to measure the earth magnetic field in 3 directions (x, y, z)

Scintillation Counter - to measure radioactivity and the deduction of individual spectrograms.

R-Check - to measure radioactivity (Geiger-Mueller counter)

Field Mill - to measure electrostatical fields


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Prices available upon request.

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