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Geo-Magnetometer BPT 2010

The BPT (formerly known as BPM 2010) measures the anomalies of the earth's magnetic field and thereby enables the locating of biologically significant site-related factors. For this the vertical intensity of the earth's magnetic field is measured. The data can be transferred via a serial interface to a PC or laptop to present the results in diagrammatic form (3D graphic).

Geo-Magnetometer BPT 2010 








The microprocessor control ensures high accuracy and convenient implementation of measurement.




  • simple handling for precise measurements
  • automatic selection of the measuring range
  • integrated data memory
  • measured value display
  • possibility of switching on an acoustic signal
  • data transfer via serial interface
  • output of measurement results as 3D graphic
  • setting of the different evaluation parameters: Intensity, reference, difference, gradient

Technical data

Measuring range: +/- 50 nT to +/- 150,000 nT

Measuring mode: Intensity, reference, differential, gradient

Measuring range

selection: Automatic - microprocessor controlled

Resolution: 50 nT (LSB)

Accuracy: +/- 3% (plus +/-1 LSB)

Frequency range: To approx. 10 Hz

Temperature range: -15° C to 45°C, operating temperature

Temperature drift: 250 nT with a temperature change of 30° (plus +/- 1 LSB)

Measuring rate: In standard measuring mode 30 Hz, with serial data transmission 50 Hz

Sensor system: Fluxgate, directionally sensitive

Measuring probe: Measuring probe and display unit form a calibrating unit. Replacing the probe requires recalibration.

Display: Digital measurement display, 2-line LC display

Sound signal: Sound signal frequency-proportional to the measurement can be switched off via keypad

Data memory: 9 storage places are available for the measured data

Signal output: Analogue output, 0-1 V on 10 kOhm, is modulated with automatic measuring range change-over with each measuring range from 0-1 V.

PC interface: Serial data transmission (data package consisting of: measured value, polarity, measuring range, start/stop signal, device serial No.)

Power supply: Accumulator mode or mains operation via the charger

Charger: output approx. 9 V, approx. 500 mA, DC voltage polarity of the coaxial connector outside (+), inside (-)

Probe cable: Device probe, cable length 1.7 m

Dimensions: measuring device (WxLxH) 100x195x45 mm

magnetic probe (ØxL) 20x140 mm

Weight: measuring device 500 g

magnetic probe 170 g

Download PDF fileDownload data sheet - Geo-Magnetometer BPT 2010


Protection Rating

The measring device is moisture-protected and can be used in light rain. The housing is not waterproof, no guarantee is given for working under the effect of heavy rain/water.

 BPT 2010 + accessories in plastic case


The Geo-Magnetometer BPT 2010 is supplied with the following equipment:

Geo-Magnetometer BPT 2010, consisting of

- Magnetic Probe 1-axis

- Charging Unit/Power Supply Unit (12 V/500 mA/coaxial connector, outside (+))

- RS Data Cable (to connect the Geo-Magnetometer to your PC)

- Plastic CasePlastic Case

Geogram BPT 5020 (PC software for 3D graphics)


Manual 3 languages (D/E/F) on CD-ROM



BPT 2010 with Magnetic Probe 1-axis, Measuring cloth, Aluminium CaseMeasuring Cloth labeled with coloured lines - to manage an easy tracking of the measuring sections (dimensions: 2 x 2.50 m)

Probe Mounting Fixture - device and holder for examining spectacle frames for magnetisation.

Aluminium Case small  ...


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