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Here you find additional probes for the professional measurement device BPT 3010 and additional accessories for our basic measuring instruments BPT 2010 and BPT 3010.


The following accessories are supplied for the Geo-Scanner BPT 3010:


Geo-Magnetometer Probe 3-axis

Dreiachsige Geo-MagnetometersondeSuitable for: BPT 3010

Due to the compact design the 3-axis Geo-Magnetometer Probe can be used for almost every applications.


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Scintillation Counter


Suitable for: BPT 3010

Our highly sensitive Scintillation Counter is equipped with a NaI-scintillation crystal - objects and open field with radioactive contaminations can be examined in a simple and quick way.


Details and more product information >>


Field Mill

FeldmühleSuitable for: BPT 3010

In combination with the BPT 3010 our Field Mill enables the measurement of electro smog.


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R-CheckSuitable for: BPT 3010

Our R-Check is a highly sensitive radioactivity measuring equipment for the exact measurement of radioactive radiation used in the environmental monitoring and building biology.


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The Accessories below are used in support and protection of our basic measuring devices BPT 2010 and BPT 3010:


Probe Mounting Fixture

SondenhalterungSuitable for: BPT 2010/BPT 3010 with 1-axis magnetometer probe

The fixture supports a precise measurement of the magnetic field on glasses. The glasses frame can be guided around the fixed probe.


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Aluminium Case

Aluminiumkoffer mit BPT 2010On request we provide your BPT 2010 or BPT 3010 in a specially designed aluminium case with burl and precut foam for a safe transportation of the basic components.


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